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Holiday Boot Camp Specials Denver

Holiday Boot Camp Specials Denver

Holiday Boot Camp Specials Denver


Monday 5PM & 7PM

Tuesday 7PM

Wednesday 5PM & 7PM

Thursday 7PM

Saturday 10AM

Holiday Specials
1 Month $69
3 Months $129
6 Months $229

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a month ago
If you’re looking for a trainer that will kick your ass, make you love working out, and give you the absolute best value for your money, Trainer Scott Harwood is your guy.

I started working with Scott in October of 2013. I’ve never been an athletic type, so I was very nervous about working with a trainer for the first time. Scott, however, made me feel at ease and comfortable from my first workout. He has an easy rapport with his clients, can quickly assess a person’s fitness level and give them personalized workouts that are totally doable but also challenging.

Three short months after beginning training with Scott, I was down 25 pounds and already in the best shape of my life. He LITERALLY never gave me the same workout routine twice in all the time I trained with him.

If not for the fact that I moved out of the state, I would definitely still be training with Scott. He develops a sense of community at his gym that makes you look forward to training, and the results you’ll get from his Boot Camp and Personal or Group Training will definitely keep you coming back.

Ashley Rodgers

3 weeks ago
I wanted to find a place to workout, lose weight and overall take better care of myself. My coworker told me about Scott and his bootcamp and group training classes. I went once and was hooked! Scott is encouraging and high energy, but doesn’t treat you like a drill sergeant would. He pushed me to challenge myself and after a month I’m already seeing fantastic results! I love it!
Marlene and Onie Trujillo

4 weeks ago
If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Denver that’s cool, knowledgable, funny, and an international man of mystery, then Trainer Scott is your man. He mixes it up with personal training, full body boot camp style workouts, crossfit exercises, and more. He works with anyone, teens, kids, the elderly, obese people, you name. It specializes in sports specific training too. He’s a fitness coach that gives tennis lessons too.
Taylor Melvin

a month ago
I have gotten into the best shape working out with Scott. It’s the only work out that I have been able to stick with for a long period of time. Each session is something new and fun! Scott works with each person to achieve their goals. The work outs can be difficult but they work and you not only feel yourself getting stronger each week but you see the results too. I recommend Scott to anyone who wants to get in shape!
Noah Stephens

2 months ago
Each work out is different and geared to get you into shape fast. I’m 1 year in and have completely changed my body. Scott gives you a personal experience and truly invests in your fitness goals, plus its fun and he will make you laugh and enjoy your workouts. He really makes his clients a priority, he even comes to my office some days when I’m busy or distracted.
Thanks Scott!
Ann FL

2 months ago
A few years ago I saw Trainer Scott’s Denver Bootcamp on tv. I was impressed. Trainer Scott was friendly and knowledgeable and the class looked like they were working out hard, but having fun.

When I moved closer to Denver, I was looking for a bootcamp class in addition to my regular weight training. I remembered Trainer Scott from tv and tried one session of Scott’s Bootcamp @1100 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204. I now enjoy being a weekly regular because every session is different, challenging, and tailored to my physical abilities. This is 45 minutes of nonstop pushing, pulling, planking, lifting, dragging, swinging, sweating, swearing, cardio, and lots of jokes and encouragement. There are no egos or intimidation. Everyone in class is there to get their workout on and come back for more.

So, if you want to get into real shape with the guidance of an experienced professional along with a fun encouraging group of people, try Trainer Scott Denver Bootcamp! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

MikeErin Boulter

a month ago
My husband and I started working out with Scott before we got married and he whipped us into shape and I looked gorgeous in my dress! We’ve continued to workout with him and enjoy his workouts and humor.
Daniel Maes

5 months ago
When I first entered Scott’s gym I was a little apprehensive about what I was going to find and what exactly the exercise I going to be performing. I met Scott and he gave me the pep talk, “There are two rules, safety first, and never get discouraged.” With those words I began my first class, and here is the truth Scott never lets you take the easy way out he is constantly pushing you to be better. While doing the 45 – 60 minutes of cardio/strength training I am usually only hearing breathing and some curses being muttered. That being said after the class is done I feel tired but great and that makes it all worth it. Scott himself is a very knowledgable trainer who constantly changes up his workouts so things don’t get stale and your body continually is being tested. I would recommend this class to anyone even veterans of the boot camp class.
Raylene Yost

a month ago
Here’s the deal. The rock climbing class is awesome! The facilities are top notch. The instructor comes with a lot of experience and knows how to teach.

Marissa Weiss

a month ago
Scott offers the best way to get into shape. He creates an environment where people can go at their personal pace but encourages people to get a challenge out of it. If you’re looking for someone to help give you a great foundation of exercise then Scott’s boot camp is the place to go.
Matthew Hallerman

a year ago
Get off the couch and go see Scott!!! I attend his Group Training sessions, and they totally rock! Personally, I know if I go to the gym on my own I’m not going to put in the full effort. There is no half effort at Scott’s gym! It’s really incredible. Even with the class growing, Scott somehow manages to find time for every single one of his clients, giving them personal workouts, and personal advice. Unbelievably impressive. And the workouts are fun! Too bad I can’t give 10 stars, I would if I could!!!
Leah Kirchoff

a year ago
The day I walked into my first Bootcamp class I couldn’t even do ten sit-ups in a row. Two and a half months later I am doing over 100 sit-ups with weights. Scott has more faith in my physical abilities than I do myself most times so when he tells me to do something I think is crazy, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find out that Hey! I really CAN do this! His classes have been a huge confidence booster to me. It’s refreshing to have someone who really believes in you. Not only that but I find myself laughing during every class. It’s a really great group of people who love to laugh but are serious about getting in shape.


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