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Best Fitness Class for Fat Loss

Best Fitness Class for Fat Loss

Best Fitness Class for Fat Loss

Do you want to lose some serious body fat? Get in shape quickly and safely? Burn a ton of calories? Then, Trainer Scott’s fitness boot camp classes are for you.  These classes are always different so you don’t get in a routine and get bored.  The classes consist of dozen of exercises and variations of those exercises.  Generally, boot camp style workouts consist of running, sit-ups, squats, lunges, and pushups, but Trainer Scott also brings in his personal training aspect and adds core exercises, balance training, and weight training with dumbbells to the mix.  His classes have some the most motivating reviews out there.  So if you are in Denver and looking for a fun, energetic, fat slashing, muscle toning, workout class, come check us out.

What to know before you show up

Make sure you hydrate. Wear workout clothes and proper running shoes. Do not get discouraged. Understand that if you haven’t worked out in a while, that it will be difficult. Be realistic and make reasonable goals.  Talk to the instructor, tell him or her your concerns if any.



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