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Denver Fitness Classes

Denver Fitness Classes

Denver Fitness Classes

About your fitness trainer; I am a certified personal trainer and former Olympic development soccer player and state tennis champ. I was in the Marine Corps and Army. I have been training people for 12 years. Real Client Testimonials: “I have been training with Scott since August 2007. His workouts ensure personal progress by way of circuit training. I enjoy the mix of the weight lifting and cardio; it is always a challenge. Thanks Scott.” “Best Workout I’ve Ever Had! – I cannot motivate myself to exercise on my own, and I absolutely hate going to the gym. Unfortunately, my metabolism stopped being able to keep up as my age and schedule (law school) increased. So, I decided to drag myself to Scott’s classes, and I have never felt better about myself. Scott really pushes you to work hard, but he doesn’t yell at you or make you feel bad if you simply cannot do something. He motivates through humor, which I love! After each particular exercise I feel absolutely exhausted, but Scott makes sure to vary what muscles are used throughout the class so that even if you cannot seem to move one part of your body halfway through class, that doesn’t end your workout. When I come home from class I am sore and exhausted, but I feel amazing and triumphant. You HAVE to give it a try!”

Dori and Cheryl working the bags during boot camp. #fitness #boxing#bootcamp




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