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Scott’s Denver Fitness Classes

Scott's Denver Fitness Classes

Scott’s Denver Fitness Classes

Scott’s Denver Fitness Classes have the most and best reviews in Denver.  Compare to OTF Orange Theory and Crossfit.

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Scott’s personal training classes are both intense and fun! Scott is a friendly trainer, whose jokes make the class even more enjoyable. I have been going for about a month, and initially I was very nervous, but I can already feel myself getting stronger, and I’m always pumped for class to start! Every day is different, and I always feel pushed- but not to a point of discomfort. I love that we spend part of the class outside, it’s never boring. I would definitely recommend the class for people of all fitness levels.  –Arianne Cynthia Thomas

Scott’s boot camp is great and very affordable. I’ve been going for four years. You will start feeling a difference after three classes. Every day the workout is different so you won’t get bored doing the same thing.

I started out at Scott’s boot camp during the craze of wedding planning, and loved it so much that I am still at it three years later. Scott is perpetually changing up the order of exercises, which keeps the class interesting. Awesome full body workout in a great, relaxed atmosphere (Scott’s pretty cool, too)!

Scott offers the best way to get into shape. He creates an environment where people can go at their personal pace but encourages people to get a challenge out of it. If you’re looking for someone to help give you a great foundation of exercise then Scott’s boot camp is the place to go.

I started Scott’s Denver Boot Camp back in December 2012 and it has been nothing but progress ever since. I was a little nervous when I first made the commitment to change the way I was taking care of my body and mind, but Scott was a helping hand since the word “GO.” I remember my first Boot Camp, where all the blood rushed to my face and I started seeing stars, and I decided leaning against the wall was going to be the best decision I made all day. Later on, Scott texted me and asked how I was doing. I knew from that point on that I wanted to work out with someone who cared, but was still going to push me. The classes were a lot of fun with the people and the change in routine every time. Scott is great at mixing together cardio, strength training, endurance, you name it. I have since moved on from Boot Camp into his Small Group classes. I needed to take myself to the next level, not only by pushing myself, but having someone there to help along the way. I would recommend Scott’s Denver Boot Camp to anyone who is looking to make a difference in their lives. Scott will push you, but you have to be willing to push yourself more.

Fun class that will whip you into shape in a very short period of time! – Angela Wolf

From the owner:
Scott’s Denver Boot Camp is a full body workout filled with muscle toning and fat slashing exercises. Designed for both men and women, the program consists of weight training, cardiovascular exercises, and core strengthening. Our classes keep getting called the best workout in Denver. With the most and best reviews in Denver, instructor, Personal Trainer Scott Harwood, will get you in amazing shape and make it fun. We also offer nutritional guidance with our program. FIRST CLASS IS FREE. This program is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.
Scott’s Denver Boot Camp got second place on Denver’s A-List. http://denveralist.cityvoter.com/scott-s-denver-boot-camp/biz/562751
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I needed motivation to stick with a workout routine and Scott and all the participants make this class so rewarding and addictive. It doesn’t matter where you are at physically, this class will work for you if you put the effort into it.
I’m over 40 and out of shape, and I can honestly say that I look forward to each class. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Any stress from my week is annihilated and I leave class feeling like a million bucks. What are you waiting for? Come do a class with us!
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Fitness Bootcamp Classes will get your heart pumping like never before. It is an intensive exercise that will whip you into shape and give you an opportunity to meet new people along the way.


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